Booking Conditions


Up to 24 hours before pick-up time

Cancellation charges equal to 100% of the rate confirmed at the time of the reservation will apply unless:

  • Sedans , comfort, standard vans/suv , sprinter/vans , vip , accessible , are canceled more than one 24 hr hour prior to the scheduled pickup time.
  • Mini/Mid Coaches are canceled more than seven (5) days prior to the scheduled pickup time.
  • Motor Coaches are canceled more than fourteen (5) days prior to the scheduled pickup time.
  • Limousines are canceled more than seven (3) days prior to the scheduled pickup time.

A no-show fee equal to the base fare price of the trip, plus any applicable wait-time and child seat fees, will be charged when the passenger(s) fails to arrive at the designated location. To avoid a no-show fee, call +1 (718) 873-1495 if you cannot locate your vehicle/chauffeur.

Price Change

In case you book a transfer without the indication of an exact address, for example if the booking indicates just an area or a postal zip, the driver has the right to claim a surcharge for further kilometres/miles.

NO SHOW Conditions 


In case your flight is canceled and the reservation is no longer cancellable, the ride will be considered as NO-SHOW and charged in full.


In case you miss your flight, it is reassigned by the flight company or diverted to another airport, the reservation can no longer be canceled, the ride will be considered as NO-SHOW and charged in full.

Moving your booking is only possible if the driver who accept it agrees Then a Fee can be charged.


If the driver does not show up, the passenger must contact him directly. The passenger always receives the phone number via SMS/Whats APP at least one hour before departure via SMS/ Whats APP. If the driver is not reachable, contact immediately the Saferide Transfer Support Hotline to find an alternative transfer solution.


The vehicle images displayed on the platform are purely indicative of the vehicle class required. Differences based on geographic areas are therefore possible.An upgrade of vehicle by local partner with one of an higher class or having greater capacity may be possible at no additional cost to the user.Services including a VAN can be alternately performed with a SUV of equal capacity and vice versa.In the event that the chosen vehicle class includes a 10 or 14 seater Sprinter or pasenger vans, the service can be carried out with two or more Vans/SUVs having the necessary capacity to guarantee the ride.


The following rules of conduct apply to each trip:

  • Strictly no smoking inside the vehicle , unless passenger request a smoking car. The consumption of food is discouraged. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent.
  • Use of seat belts
  • Vehicle care

In the event of non-compliance with these rules and inappropriate behavior, such as vandalism and activities that cause the driver insecurity or make him uncomfortable, the total agreed costs must still be paid, net of any expenses saved. In addition, the Service Provider may ask the user or passenger for compensation for the necessary repair of vehicle damage or for the removal of excessive dirt in the vehicle caused or brought by the passenger.

Note: The driver may refuse to make the journey if the passenger does not comply with the rules of conduct inside the vehicle or if he presumes that the person who made the reservation or the passenger belongs to an illegal organization or uses the services illegally or for illicit purposes.


Infant seat / child seat

If you want a seat for babies or children, select the number of child seats required in the EXTRA section of the BOOKING page. Our standard cancellation policy applies in the event that no infant or child seat has been requested (or, if requested, it is not in the correct state) and consequently, our service provider was unable to carry out the ride.

Note: Parents and guardians of children are responsible for installing any child safety seats


Stop Rules & Charges 


  • There is a two-added stop limit on a transfer for All-inclusives rates point-to-point service. If more stops are requested the job must be booked hourly.  
  • Stops must be “on route” to the drop-off location. In the same general direction or area. If the stop is out of the direction of travel or in a different service area the job must be booked hourly. (e.g pick-up location in manhattan stop added in manhattan drop off is JFK.
  • If the pickup address and the drop-off address are the same and there is a stop added, this is a Wait & Return reservation. Wait and Return reservations must be booked as hourly service
  • There are no free stops on a flat rate transfer reservation.
  • A stop Can be  Added at pick-up if the transfer provider/ chauffeur agree


 A stop charge is 45$ for 20 mins Per Stop added. 

HOURLY RIDES & As- Directed 

Hourly rides can be booked online on our website. Time starts at Pick-up time for non-airport, for airports on selected pick-up time or flight arrival.  Stop rules and charges are not applicable, clients must stay in the NYC area, up to 12 miles per hr or equivalent in km. additional charges will apply if clients go over the mileage/km limit.


For as- directed service please contact us for a quote. As-Directed rides are billed per hour at the chosen vehicle prevailing hourly rate. Final charges are based on actual ride duration, plus garage to garage time. Garage time (positioning) is the cost incurred for the vehicle and chauffeur to travel to your pickup location and to return from your drop-off point. The minimum garage to garage time is 60 minutes. Hourly rates do not include tolls, parking, taxes and other miscellaneous charges, which will be added if applicable, upon ride completion. Stop rules & charges are not applicable. There are no mileage/km restrictions. 

Time-based charges are billed in 30-minute increments.

If the distance or number of hours are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in vehicles If Transfer provider accept. If the pet weighs more than 15 pounds, then they must be placed in a kennel crate. Small pets must be leashed or placed in a carrying case and must not travel in the seat next to your chauffeur.

Please note that certified service animals do not need to be placed in a crate. To ensure a smooth ride for both you and your pet it is best to call us beforehand to make arrangements so we match you with a pet-friendly chauffeur.

Saferide Transfer/ saferide limo services & its Transport provider reserves the right to refuse the carriage of luggage and/or animals which was/were not agreed to. This also applies to animals which are not contained in a closed and suitable transport box/kennel crate.


In no event will Saferide Transfer/saferide limo services or its affiliates or transfer provider be liable or responsible for damages of any kind caused by any delay in performance or failure to perform, in whole or in part, any of their obligations in connection with the services, where such delay or failure is due in part to fire, earthquake, weather, traffic, road construction, strikes, government-sanctioned embargo, flood, act of God, act of war or terrorism, act of any public authority or sovereign government, civil disorder, delay caused by any air or ground passenger carrier, or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Saferide Transfer/saferide limo services , its affiliates or Transfer provider. 

Saferide transfer/ Saferide limo services & its transfer provider reserve the right to decline any last additional request which was not agreed to prior to booking/reservation

We believe travelers should have unlimited options for ground transportation SafeRide for travel

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